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About us

Becky, Jessica, Taylor, Tim, and Hayden - our little cousin and "future showman"

NESTLED IN FRONT OF the beautiful Catoctin Mountains, our farm is situated on 40 acres of land in Rocky Ridge, Maryland. Tim and Becky purchased the land in 1998 after falling in love with the picturesque scenery. A little research also found that Becky's father and grandfather had farmed the land in the 1940s. Determined to get Jessica and Taylor involved in Becky's side of the family's tradition of raising and showing livestock, the barn was built first so that Jessica could house her first steer project in 2001. Taylor followed suit as soon as she turned 8 years old. The house was built during the summer of 2001 and we settled into our new home at Fox Meadow Farm that November. The farm was aptly named for the fox population that is still prominent today. 


OUR QUARTER HORSES AND BOXERS are very important to us. Becky grew up riding, raising, and showing Quarter Horses (along with her livestock) with her sister, Mary. While we no longer breed or show our horses we enjoy riding them and having them on the farm. Becky fell in love with the Boxer breed in 1989 and we have had Boxers in our household ever since. Our most recent AKC Champion is CH Katandy's Show Tyme Matinee, "Matt", who is currently standing at stud.


JESSICA AND TAYLOR have worked extrememly hard to gain knowledge and skill when it comes to raising and showing their cattle. Angus has always been their favorite breed and both have been successful in the show ring, and are proud to show almost all bred & owned animals. Because of their involvement in the industry, they have both chosen career paths involving their love for the livestock industry. Both girls manage all breeding decisions when it comes to their herd and work hard to always keep their show cattle looking their best. 


OUR FIRST TASTE OF SUCCESS came when Jessica began to do well with her bred & owned steer "Renegade" in 2007. First by winning Grand Champion Bred & Owned steer at MAJAC and the Atlantic National, and then perhaps the biggest accomplishment of all, winning Grand Champion Steer at the Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show. Not only did Jessica and "Renny" win Grand Champion, Jessica also won Reserve Grand Champion steer with her other Angus steer, "Skeeter". Later that day, Jessica then went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer. Jessica's success continued throughout the year and Taylor followed closely in her footsteps with her Angus steer, usually always coming in 2nd place behind her sister. That success has transpsired into our breeding program, for we have repeated that breeding through embryo transfer and have had just as good success. Jessica and Taylor are motivated to work hard with their animals in order to do their best in the showring, as well as produce animals that can perform just as well in the pasture. 


WE INVITE YOU to visit us at any time and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our farm. Thank you for visiting our website!

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